Recruitments and new buses, Amat plan in Palermo

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The municipal council of Palermo today approved the acknowledgment of the 2022-2024 recovery plan approved by the Amat Board of Directors.
The details of the provision, the result of an extensive discussion between the Municipality and the city public transport company, were illustrated during the press conference that was held in the afternoon at the headquarters in via Roccazzo, in the presence of the mayor Leoluca Orlando, of the mobility councilor Giusto Catania and the president of Amat Michele Cimino.

The reorganization measures also provide for further rationalization and interaction between bus and tram services, on the one hand, and more effective action in terms of combating the phenomenon of evasion of the payment of the travel ticket.
Finally, with reference to the other sectors, solutions have been identified aimed at maintaining the in-house performance of the services of all the extra Tpl activities of car / bike sharing, removal, signage, toll parking and Ztl.
Now, in compliance with the indications contained in the reorganization plan, in the coming weeks the municipal offices will define the contractual changes that will be submitted to the agenda of the municipal council.

“The decision to build, in close synergy between the company and the Administration, a credible and functional recovery plan – said Mayor Orlando – undoubtedly contributes to eliminating many of the criticalities manifested by public transport which has suffered, in recent years, the effects of the pandemic.
Now there are all the structural conditions and investments necessary to guarantee the future of the company, to invest in new hires and to manage all urban mobility services.
Amat is the company of the future that will help to achieve the vision of a more ecological and liveable city “.

For the councilor for Mobility, Giusto Catania, “the Amat recovery plan is an important measure that will help to give business continuity and will be a useful tool for relaunching the public mobility system in the city of Palermo.
With this step, a process started over two years ago and the process for hiring the drivers necessary to guarantee an effective urban transport service will be completed.
This measure, together with the investments in recent years that have implemented the bus fleet and the completion of the network tramway, will make the Amat company a flagship of mobility throughout Italy “.

For the president of Amat a moment of relaunch for the company.
“The Plan – explained Cimino to the press – places as a necessary and sufficient condition the restoration of employment levels in the Local Public Transport sector, the loss of the current temporary employment relationships and, therefore, the reconstitution of the staff of drivers, on the the basis of a time schedule consistent with the production planning that will also regard the relaunch and strengthening of the workshop and, as an effect, the maintenance and improvement of the quality of local public transport in the City of Palermo “.

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