Record number of transplants at Ismett in Palermo

In the month of October, Ismett-Upmc in Palermo performed 31 transplant surgeries, averaging one per day. Organs were retrieved from intensive care units in Sicily and from other regions in Italy, with the Ismett team organizing air transport and dedicated teams. Ismett saw a 50% increase in transplants in October, with 15 liver, 11 kidney, 2 heart, 2 lung, and 1 combined kidney-pancreas transplants. The success was attributed to highly qualified surgical teams, efficient organization, and collaboration with the Sicilian Organ Retrieval and Transplant Network. The number of organ donations in 2023 increased by 30%, with Ismett performing a total of 166 transplants, including 89 liver, 51 kidney, 13 heart, 11 lung, and 2 multi-organ transplants. 35 transplants were from living donors, including 25 pediatric liver transplants. This success was credited to the support of intensive care units and the strong transplant network in Sicily.

Trapianti, record di interventi all’Ismett di Palermo

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