Record heat in Italy: on Wednesday orange alert in 9 cities, 36 degrees will be felt in Palermo

Still high levels of humidity and temperatures above the seasonal averages in Italy. The daily bulletin of heat waves edited by the Ministry of Health for tomorrow, Wednesday 7 July, signals a “level 2” alert (orange sticker) for 9 cities: Bologna, Bolzano, Campobasso, Florence, Frosinone, Latina, Palermo, Perugia and Rieti. On Thursday 8 July, however, “level 3” (red dot) alert in Campobasso and “level 2” in Bolzano, Frosinone, Palermo, Perugia and Rome.

The level 2 alert is triggered in the presence of “weather conditions that may represent a health risk, in particular in the most susceptible population subgroups”, the level 3 alert indicates “emergency conditions with possible negative effects on the health of healthy people and not only active on subgroups at risk such as the elderly, very young children and people with chronic diseases “.

Tomorrow, the perceived temperatures will record peaks of 38 degrees in Latina, 37 in Bologna, 36 in Florence, Frosinone, Palermo, 35 in Rome; the day after tomorrow peaks of 38 in Frosinone, 36 in Latina, Palermo and Rome, 35 in Bologna and Florence.

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