Record-breaking small town: One asset confiscated every 2 residents in Roccella Valdemone

Roccella Valdemone, a town in the province of Messina, has been recognized for managing the highest number of properties confiscated from the mafia, with 285 properties and land returned to the state. A study by the regional secretariat of Spi Cgil Sicilia revealed that Sicily holds 38.81% of confiscated properties, with Palermo leading the national ranking with 1558 confiscated properties. The trade union of retirees is questioning the neglect of these properties and advocating for a collaborative effort to revitalize them. The union also opposes the government’s proposal to cut funding for the development of confiscated properties. They emphasize the importance of reclaiming these illegally obtained assets and express concern for the state of the properties and the government’s plans for them. They believe that the fate of these properties is crucial to the state’s credibility in fighting organized crime, particularly in Sicily. The study was dedicated to Pio La Torre as a tribute to the battle for legality.

Un bene confiscato ogni 2 abitanti: il record del piccolo comune di Roccella Valdemone

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