Record-breaking Marsala sandwich: 53.8 meters earns a spot in Guinness World Records.

The pane cunzato, a traditional Sicilian street food, has achieved a Guinness World Record in Marsala. A loaf measuring 53.8 meters in length was created for the occasion of the second edition of the Radio Amateur Radiant Fair. Leo Salerno and Alessio Gerardi, a local trader and baker respectively, presented and offered the massive loaf at the Villa Favorita courtyard. This feat surpasses their previous record of a five-meter loaf made three years ago. The slices of pane cunzato, topped with fresh tomato, cheese, anchovies, oil, and oregano, were distributed to all attendees, including tourists. It took over six hours of work and fifty kilograms of flour to bake this record-breaking loaf.

A Marsala un pane cunzato da record: con i suoi 53,8 metri finisce nel Guinnes dei primati

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