Record-breaking Avis Corleone: 800 blood bags collected in 2022

A donation, it must be said, that comes from the heart that ofAvis of Corleone which in the year 2022 has reached a real record. The blood collection centre, which has been active for 25 years in the town of Palermo and a fixed center since 2017, has collected well 800 bags of whole blood, in addition to the 9 donations in apheresis, plasma and platelets, which went to the Paolo Giaccone Polyclinic in Palermo. The very high figure should be seen in relation to the donations/inhabitants ratio. In 2009, in Corleone, the average was less than 800 bags. In 2021 there were around 750 donations.

“In a period of very strong shortage of healthcare personnel in the collection association structures, due to the increased need in the Covid emergency structures – declares the president of the center, Enza Crapisi – our Avis of Corleone, in its small way, has managed to meet the red blood cell needs of hospitals in the Palermo area thanks to the sensitivity shown by donors from Corleone and neighboring countries. Thanks to Dr. Vincenzo Zabbia, a retired doctor and to the volunteer nurses Giuseppe Colletti and Bernardo Mondello, also from Corleone, who together strongly wanted to take care not only of the collections of Corleone but also of the collections of other neighboring Avis. We have also provided assistance – continues Crapisi – to patients who needed transfusions and who, lost between bureaucracy and actual lack of blood, were unable to obtain them. In this, the collaboration with our Transfusion Service was fundamental. We would therefore like to thank all the medical health staff of the Paolo Giaccone Transfusion Polyclinic in Palermo”.

The association, thanks to the contribution given, has managed to guarantee the health of 2400 human lives, given that each bag of blood collected, anonymously and unpaid, guarantees the life of three people. For those who decide to become an Avis donor in the Corleone area, the new collection calendar is already available on the “Avis Corleone” Facebook page.

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