Record arrivals from the Mediterranean: nearly 90,000 migrants in 7 months

The Mediterranean route has become the preferred route to the EU, with a record-breaking 89,000 arrivals in the first seven months of 2023, according to Frontex data. July saw a 19% increase in irregular entries compared to 2022, the highest since March 2016. Meanwhile, arrivals on other routes have decreased, indicating a growing migration pressure on the Mediterranean. The dangerous journey has also resulted in over 2,060 people going missing in July alone. Lampedusa continues to receive migrants, with over 1,600 arrivals in one day. Another 201 migrants were rescued from Tunisia. The port assignment for disembarking migrants remains a controversial issue, with critics pointing out the challenges of redistributing migrants across Italy.

Record di arrivi dal Mediterraneo, quasi 90 mila migranti in 7 mesi

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