Recipe Vegetarian eggplant fried small boats



Here I am with another new eggplant recipe. Yes, I know, this summer I did a real indigestion and now that I'm about to finish I prepared the last four. Four recipes to end the season with a flourish, one better than the other and that I will propose to follow in the coming days.

We begin to discover this magnificent poker with aces vegetarian eggplant fried boats. It is a dish that you can present both as an appetizer and as a rather "full-bodied" side dish. Its preparation is really easy and fast and you are sure that you will receive a great success every time. Follow the recipe and you will make vegetarian boats with fried aubergines that are mouth-watering: so tasty and tasty they will end up in no time at all. If you want you can enrich them even more by adding small pieces of Sicilian provola to make them soft and stringy.

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