“Ready to run as mayor of Palermo”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 18:40

Share “For months there have been names of candidates for mayor Palermo, many names of politicians have been circulating, certainly all respectable and experienced people, but no one addresses the issue of projects and programs of which there is no trace”. Totò Lentini, leader of the Popolari autonomisti all’Ars, says so, who already breaks the delay and says he is ready to apply in first person. “It would be useful to know how many of the names that circulate have ever known and frequented pieces of the suburbs of the city such as Zen, Borgo Nuovo, Bonagia, Brancaccio and Sperone just to give some examples, long forgotten places – adds Lentini -. We are ready for face the next administrative elections with the ‘Alliance for Palermo’ list, but we ask for the opening of a programmatic table with the allied parties of the center-right to deepen reflections, thoughts and projects that can lead to a common program, also with reference to the funds of the Pnrr. I believe that the parties must be protagonists of the program of the candidate for mayor, who will have the difficult and burdensome task of getting Palermo out of the swamp after the failed management of Orlando and for this reason I too am ready to take a step forward. for the candidacy for mayor of Palermo and I propose the first ‘primaries’ of the center-right in which citizens will carry out their choices “.

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