Reading, Rocco Gumina presents his book A transforming mission to accomplish. Perspectives on the contribution of Catholics in society

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A meeting entitled “The contribution of Catholics in society” will be held on Monday 27 June starting at 5.30 pm – at the conference room of the Infopoint of the Pro Loco of Caltanissetta (ex Circolo dei Nobili) in Corso Umberto I 138 – the latest volume by Rocco Gumina entitled A transforming mission to accomplish.
Perspectives on the contribution of Catholics in society (Paruzzo, 2022).

The event, moderated by the teacher Giusy Andolina, will be attended by: Don Massimo Naro, professor at the Theological Faculty of Sicily and Giovanni Ruvolo of the Ecosi Association.

In this volume, the author collects a series of articles that have appeared in recent years in various theological, political and cultural reviews in general.
Although the individual chapters of the text have not been designed for the realization of a unitary work, the assembly of the various reflections – born from episodes of occasional study – offers the reader a sort of introductory and in-depth alphabet aimed at stimulating thought on commitment of Catholics in today’s society.
A commitment, as stated in the text, capable of characterizing the believer’s way of being in the world and that can take concrete form in political action but also in cultural, educational, civic animation and resistance to the mafia phenomenon.
In this sense, the volume wishes to offer itself as a humble tool for thinking, or returning to do so, in the presence of Christians in the human community in a historical situation in which the Italian Church is engaged in the synodal journey.

Furthermore, as Savino Pezzotta states in the preface to the volume, Rocco Gumina’s book does not look backwards but tries – with attention to history – to analyze the features of the present to identify the cracks where a new commitment of Catholics can creep.
to renew society and politics.
It is, as the author argues in the book, a commitment aimed at exercising a service for everyone, that is, for the communities and the country.
Gumina’s work does not arise from the logic of defining the quantity of Catholics in society but to reflect on the quality of their service which they are destined to render to democracy and the emancipation of the weakest without resorting to a sort of translation of the forms of past which are also analyzed, understood and placed in their proper context in the text.

Gumina, a teacher of religion in state schools in the diocesan territory of Palermo, has been leading the Alcide De Gasperi cultural association since 2014 and is one of the founders of the OPEN political open movement born in the Nisseno area for the development of good cultural, economic and political practices.
In 2019 his volume Catholics and politics was released by AVE.
Themes, figures and paths of the Italian twentieth century and in 2020 he edited for the editions of the Centro Studi Cammarata-Lussografica the book Scrutare the crisis to get out of it better.
Fifteen interviews on the pandemic.

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