Rare sighting of swans in the sea in front of Milazzo town, expert says “Very rare event”

An extraordinary sighting in Milazzo: a group of mute swans have been photographed in the sea in front of the town. Biologist Carmelo Isgrò reported the presence of the fascinating animals on social media, calling it a “magical” moment. Mute swans rarely come to Sicily for the winter, so if these are confirmed to be wild individuals, it would be very important for the area (the last sighting was in 2006). Isgrò also emphasized the importance of not disturbing the swans and asked for reports of any sightings. The post received many likes and comments, with the images of the swans in the Sicilian sea captivating hundreds of users.

A Milazzo la sorpresa dei cigni in mare di fronte al centro abitato, l’esperto: «Evento molto raro»

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