Rap’s financial black hole widens in Palermo

News from a disaster. Financial. That of Rap. Which continues to burn millions of euros. Also the third quarter, which portrays the situation on September 30, shows a negative sign in the accounts. A pitfall that stands at -7 million and 500 thousand euros, about 3 million more than the second quarter. Either the company is not governed as it should be and shows significant critical issues, or the company is not guaranteed by the sole shareholder in that the service contract is not well calibrated with the things to do that are assigned to it. Perhaps, someone malicious, there is a masterful direction that seeks to sink the company in order to justify a future sale of a share of services to private individuals. It is instead probable that there is a little of everything. The financial report was sent by the company for compliance with similar control obligations. And it is through the tables elaborated and the “considerations on the financial deviation” that we learn about the new loss, which is only in the third quarter, twice as much as that highlighted in the semester. “Well, the company is in difficulty and we know it,” explains president Giuseppe Todaro, “but if I have to tell the truth I expected a much more negative result. The quarter we are talking about is the one of the fires and the waste emergencies we have experienced. It means works, new pipes, coverings, extraordinary expenses. It has been a difficult time that has led to unforeseen budget outflows.” A comprehensive service by Giancarlo Macaluso in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands today.

Palermo, la voragine nei conti della Rap s’allarga

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