Rapid checks in Gela: restaurant and pizzeria closed

The carabinieri of the provincial command in Caltanissetta conducted an extraordinary territorial control service in Gela yesterday, September 22nd, as part of the intensification of extraordinary services ordered by the prefect of Caltanissetta, Chiara Armenia, to prevent and contrast the phenomena of widespread crime in the city areas, with the deployment of devices defined as “high impact”. The operation, aimed at combating drug-related crimes, workplace safety, and road traffic, concluded in the early hours of today. It involved over 50 units of the Carabinieri, including personnel from the labor inspection group of Palermo, the Inl Sicilia inspection contingent, and the canine unit of Palermo, resulting in the control of 215 people and 139 vehicles. Over €11,000 in fines were issued. Personal and home searches were conducted, during which numerous doses of hashish and marijuana were seized, and eight individuals – considered drug users – were reported to the prefecture of Caltanissetta. In total, four individuals were reported for various offenses, including carrying objects capable of causing harm and repeated driving without a license. Other activities included safety checks in workplaces, resulting in the closure of a bakery and a pizzeria in Gela for violations related to health and safety in the workplace, and fines totaling €21,600 were imposed for employing workers without proper documentation.

Controlli a raffica a Gela: chiusi un ristorante e una pizzeria

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