Rai’s controversial fiction on Stromboli: Let islanders decide its airing

The mayor Riccardo Gullo, despite being resigned, returned to Stromboli to share with the population the recent proposal from Rai, regarding the fiction “Protezione civile”, produced by the company 11 marzo, which was the cause of the fire in May 2022. A public assembly, during which he recounted his meeting with Rai executives. The executives, while distancing themselves from the production company of the fiction and confirming the ban on airing, proposed to the inhabitants a meeting and the possibility of viewing the footage “behind closed doors”, projecting it in Stromboli and only for them.

“The intention – reported Gullo – would be to let the Strombolians decide, once they have seen the finished product, whether it is appropriate to air it, with the belief that it is a good promotion for the island. There is also the willingness, on Rai’s part, to prepare a structured communication plan for the visibility and advertising of Stromboli.” The debate among the Stromboli “vulcanics” immediately heated up, and they clearly expressed how the wound, caused by this event, is still open and painful. They are torn between absolute closure to any form of meeting and a “distrustful” willingness to view the fiction. “In the end – Mayor Gullo commented – the majority expressed a cautious meeting, reserving the possibility (after viewing the footage) of rejecting any other form of mediation.”

In the picture from notiziarioeolie.it, Mayor Gullo illustrates Rai’s proposal to Stromboli.

La fiction che incendiò Stromboli, la Rai: «Decidano gli isolani se mandarla in onda»

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