Railways: When luxury lands in Sicily [VIDEO]

There are trains that are worth describing as the most famous in the world; this is the case of the famous Orient Express.

This train, since its inception, has always been seen with a particular eye: narrated in the yellow by Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express, quoted in several songs, has always fascinated enthusiasts and not, exercising interest and making of him the most anticipated convoy in recent years, especially following the pandemic caused by Sars-Cov2.

The charm, colors, flavors and smells of Sicily are capable of attracting everyone, even the French elite.

After crossing Italy, finally, on June 30, 2021, the luxurious and ancient convoy composed of the Pullman Classe, Voiture Restaurant and Voiture Salon Bar carriages from the 1920s – synonymous with luxury, elegance and refinement – reached Sicily, arriving in Messina on time.

Subsequently the carriages were assigned to the splendid E.646.028 in the original colors (arrived the same morning in Messina together with the E.655.524), which left again for Palermo Centrale arriving again on time.

But the convoy’s journey did not end here, because on 2 July it left again for Cefal├╣, where it arrived around 18:50, and then moved again, returning to Palermo a few minutes later. In Cefal├╣ the convoy was welcomed by a crowd full of children, passionate and curious, interested in learning about the famous train.

Finally, the next day, this magnificent convoy left Sicily. In the early afternoon he left Palermo and in the evening he reached Messina Centrale station, where he was embarked to reach the continent.

It is worth noting that this descent of the convoy in Sicily is to be interpreted as a preview, that is, as a taste of what will soon happen with the “Dolce Vita train“.

It is really interesting, and in fact makes us Sicilian enthusiasts with a heart “swollen with joy”, the entry on the scene of this service, which will involve the historic Sicilian lines. Great move to “move the minds” and make Sicily known in the world.

Text, photos and videos by Enrico Fesi and Antonio Freni

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