Railways: Six E.656 “Caimano” from Sicily to Foligno [VIDEO]

In the future of FS Italiane Foundation there is probably some other E.656.

In fact today there were well two transfers from Villa San Giovanni to Foligno and all concerned gods Caiman.

The first was composed of the E.656.030 with the following € 656.435 and the € 656.052. The second, on the other hand, was composed of the E.656.074 with hook the E.656.294 and the € 656.431.

All originally came from Sicily and they had reached Messina from Palermo after finishing the service on the island (Railways: Unusual movements for the Sicilian Caimans [VIDEO]).

While waiting to understand what will become of these six units in Foligno, let’s remember the main features. There E.656.030 is a 1976 Casaralta-Asgen, la € 656.052 it is instead a Reggiane-Marelli from 1978 while the E.656.074 is a Sofer-Italtrafo from 1977. All these obviously belong to first series.

There E.656.294 of third series it is instead a 1979 TIBB. To conclude, for the fifth series, the € 656.431 is a 1985 Casertana-Lucane as well as the € 656.435.

The photo and video, the work of Caiman025 show us the two items resumed today a Cistern of Latina.