Railway doubling Ogliastrillo-Castelbuono: workers’ arrears to be paid, site work to resume

The wages of the Toto Costruzioni workers for the months of September and October, for the railway doubling site Ogliastrillo- Castelbuono, will be paid by the end of November and the construction site will restart within the first quarter of 2024. This was announced during a meeting promoted by union representatives, attended by the president of the Region, Renato Schifani, and other officials. The president highlighted the importance of ensuring the payment of the workers and the prompt restart of the construction site. The company has committed to catching up with the owed wages, with September’s payment expected this week and October’s by the end of the month. The delays were attributed to internal issues not related to Sicily, but are being resolved at institutional levels in Rome. The union representatives expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting, emphasizing the commitment of Toto Costruzioni to pay the overdue wages and to resume the construction work within the first quarter of 2024.

Raddoppio ferroviario Ogliastrillo- Castelbuono, saranno pagati gli arretrati dei lavoratori e riprenderà il cantiere

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