Raid on Palermo’s Mother Teresa of Calcutta school: Principal says musical instruments worth €10k stolen

The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Comprehensive Institute in Palermo has been vandalized, causing anger and dismay among the staff. Several teachers are now assessing the damage with the police. Approximately ten computers, tablets, monitors, and over 10,000 euros worth of musical instruments, recently loaned to the school, are missing. The premises are in disarray, with the vandals sparing nothing. The break-in occurred through a window at the rear of the school, in an area that has not been renovated for 15 years due to lack of funds. This has made the school an easy target for abuse and vandalism. The school and surrounding area have been experiencing a rise in criminal activities, with residents and local businesses calling for increased security and attention from authorities. Recent incidents include an English tourist being assaulted and robbed, and a resident having her home broken into while she was taking a shower. The situation is worsening, with thefts and violence becoming increasingly common in Palermo’s Old Town.

Raid alla Madre Teresa di Calcutta a Palermo, la preside: «Rubati strumenti musicali per 10 mila euro»

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