Ragusa we try to return to normal with the withdrawals of the undifferentiated. From tomorrow the collection in condominiums

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05 Jul 2022 13:22

In Ragusa, attempts are being made to return to a gradual normalcy given the persistence of the waste emergency.
With this in mind, it is Mayor Peppe Cassì who explains the next stages of the collection.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday 6 July, and then continuing in the following days until completion, the collection will be carried out in the condominiums.
Interested users are invited to arrange for the automated gates to be opened in such a way as not to hinder the service, which should be completed by Friday 8.

The collection for domestic users of the rest of the city will take place starting from the evening of Thursday 7 July, to continue in this case as well until completion.
Users will then have to exhibit the relative tubs starting at 18.00 on Thursday, leaving them exposed until the withdrawal, estimated also in this case by Friday.

On the same day of Friday 8 July it will not be possible to guarantee collection even for non-domestic users (with the exception of Ibla and Marina): during the execution of the service, based on the volumes of space still available, collection for these utilities as far as possible.
Therefore, interested parties are invited to display the relative tub and, if it is not emptied at the end of the day, to collect it.

With 4 types of service (organic, paper, glass and plastic) guaranteed out of 5, it becomes even more important to carry out proper separate collection.
If carried out according to the rules, and net of the presence of nappies and nappies (for which the dedicated service remains active, to which it is possible to register through the contacts available on the website www.ragusaraccolta.it), the undifferentiated takes up little space and it doesn’t stink.

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