Ragusa, “The war of the palms at the Hyblean Garden”: the word to the Superintendency

“From an inspection of the Hyblean Garden it was possible to verify the progress of the works relating, in particular, to the planting of the new palm trees. Due to the numerous protests addressed to the municipal administration, an inspection by the mayor, the commissioner as well as the technicians was indispensable. And, apparently, on Monday there will be a summit in the Superintendency in Ragusa precisely in order to take stock ”. So the leader of the Democratic Party to the City Council, Mario Chiavola, who collected the perplexities of the residents on the intricate affair. “Apparently – underlines Chiavola – these new palms are not suitable for the historical setting of the Hyblaean Garden. The mayor maintains that specific assessments have been made and that it has been chosen to move in this direction. We’ll see. We should try to understand, first of all, why it was not possible to save the existing ones when, according to what the experts say, it would have been enough to use non-chemical products to try to counter the advance of the insect that has already created a lot of damage to the palm trees systems of our city. And, in any case, if the palms were to be replaced, those still used do not seem appropriate to this reality. But we will certainly know more after the comparison with the Superintendency. As Pd, we will watch over the affair and we will have our say if there is something that does not convince us ”.

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