Ragusa territory. Still projects but cities behind the past

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“Let’s read the umpteenth post by the mayor Cassì, self-referential like many others, for the umpteenth redevelopment project of Ragusa.
But it would be necessary to evaluate all these projects and their real usefulness, also considering the amount of sums committed, albeit many deriving from the PNRR which allocates resources to targeted projects “
It is the evaluation of the top management of the Territory of the current situation in Ragusa, with respect to public works and ongoing projects, taking a cue, in fact, from one of the usual posts by Mayor Cassì.
“We are now at the end of the five-year period of syndication, there is little to exalt because little has been achieved and many works will not see the opening of construction sites even by June 2023, the date of the next administrative elections” they write from Territory and add:
“We understand that if there is a tender for historic gardens, we might as well participate in the allocation of resources, in truth we do not know about this great project for the Parco del Castelo di Donnafugata, but the contribution of two million euros is welcome.
However, the cultural tourism activity of the city continues to be centered, with great expenditure of human resources for planning and management, leaving out the vastest artistic-architectural, environmental and archaeological heritage, and no attempt is made to enhance and enhance the UNESCO recognition.

In these four years the Cassì administration has not been able to exploit the location, nor with adequate redevelopments and restorations, nothing has done for the park, left in complete abandonment, it has only inherited the Costume Museum without providing for any enhancement and promotion.
Projects such as that of the premises of the external courtyard of the driveway to the Castle, to be assigned, in the intentions, to the Museum of the Peasant Product, remain only on paper.
All stopped for years, there are a hundred rooms to be restored, but nothing is moving: now two million are arriving for lighting, for the philological restoration of the vegetative system, for a new irrigation system, for the wi-fi coverage, for the restoration of the greenhouse and redevelopment of furnishings and divertissement, with an eye to the paving of the avenues.
Perhaps, net of the gratuitousness of the works, something superfluous, considering the times and considering the very scarce achievements of this administration.
In the context of this funding, obtained from PNRR funds, the mayor also informs us that the redevelopment project of the Ibla villa has not been approved, as the requirement of a historic garden is missing and here the mayor does not miss the opportunity to feed useless and specious controversies.
Cassì’s, while coming to an end, is not one of the administrations that will be remembered for the many works carried out: use the term ‘paradoxically’ because the mayors of the past have forgotten, as he did for the first four years, of asking for the recognition of a ‘historical garden’ is only the search for a very avoidable confrontation.
Only crumbs from PNRR funds are coming, the projects should be ready, the works should be delivered by 2026.
In Cassì’s electoral program we read of the exhibition center at the boario field, on the provincial road for Chiaramonte Gulfi, but there is not even a sketch, the villa Moltisanti, the Santa Domenica valley, will certainly be enhanced but who knows when and who knows what the benefits for the community.
The city is in full emergency, weeds and scrub dominate every artery, maintenance is completely absent, work is being carried out for the Andrea Doria seafront and the Mediterranean seafront is left in total abandonment, where even the slightest maintenance for the paving stones is missing.
Cassì always loves to talk about the past of this city, but we would like to recall what the mayors of the past did, from Chessari to Arezzo, to Dipasquale, and also to Piccitto, for Ibla, for Marina di Ragusa, for Ragusa Superiore.
The Ibla ring road, corso XXV aprile, the redeveloped villa of Ibla, the demolition of the school with the construction of the GB Odierna square and the opening of the San Vincenzo Ferreri auditorium, the via Roma, the Mediterranean seafront and the piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, in Marina di Ragusa, the Costume Museum, are not just projects or recipients of possible funding, but works created in the course of a single syndication and without this current abundant, and never seen, rain of funding.
We dwell too much on questionable redevelopments, on energy efficiency, but sports facilities and school buildings are not at the center of a very necessary planning.
A vision of the city is missing ….
perhaps because it is now overrun by waste and unrecognizable, the intuition for important projects, destined to ensure benefits to the community in the years to come, is completely absent, such as in the transport sectors, road connections, waste disposal, health care and tourist infrastructures, building renovation of historic centers.
It would be better to avoid talking about the past, because it only damages itself


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