Ragusa remembers the super fans Mario and Giorgio – Ragusa


For the mural at the entrance to the “Aldo Campo” stadium, the moment has come for officialdom. The faces of Mario Tumino and Giorgio Licitra, historic Ragusa fans, both of whom died prematurely, have been standing out for a few months on the surrounding wall of the sports facility, thanks to the initiative of the fans who together with them shared many moments of sport following the blue colors. On Sunday the families of the two fans, the municipal administration represented by the mayor Giuseppe Cassì and the councilor for sport, Eugenia Spata, together with the city councilor Daniele Vitale, who oversaw the construction procedures of the mural, met near the stadium for inaugurate the emblematic artifact.

For the occasion, the mayor gave a plaque to the Licitra family and the commissioner Spata did the same with the Tumino family to celebrate even more the memory of the two young Ragusans. “It was a very moving moment – says Daniele Vitale – and, at the same time, a duty after the mural had been completed a few weeks ago. Mario and Giorgio will therefore remain in the hearts of all sports fans in our city, recalling the great attention they had towards the sporting associations of Ragusa whose events they followed with the utmost self-denial in all circumstances, sharing their joys and sorrows. . It is also an important signal for all sports fans, a moment that deserves great attention with the hope that the moments of collective sharing that will allow us to cheer for the fate of the sports teams in our city will return ”.