Ragusa red zone. Indeed no. Chiavola: “Mayor raises the alarm, then withdraws it. We seemed to be joking aside”

“Yesterday it seemed to be on Seriously with an Easter Monday marked, in the morning, by the alarmist tones spread by the mayor on his social profile about the fact that the red zone could be introduced. Alarm, then, retracted, by the mayor himself, in the late afternoon after having clarified that there would be no red zone since the infections, so far, still fall within the parameters. The result?

Such confusion has been created that among the comments of citizens there are those who have come to make unfortunate and completely off-target considerations. In short, everything and more “. It is the leader of the Democratic Party at the Ragusa City Council, Mario Chiavola, who highlights the chaos that arose yesterday on social media due to the unfortunate communication from the mayor.

“But the mayor would not do better – asks the democratic exponent – to think every day about how to seriously administer the city rather than letting go of these fancy flights just for the sake of appearing, using the same propaganda tones with which have other mayors distinguished themselves, unfortunately in a not always positive way, using the pandemic as a tool to increase political consensus? It is a simple piece of advice that we give him from the Democratic Party.

Let’s avoid disturbing the people of Ragusa, on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, which we all spent at home, with this news that creates an unjustified alarm unless the mayor wanted to hear “Good mayor, you managed to avoid the area red “. It is as if we wanted to address an audience of defenseless citizens who do not come to understand these mechanisms. And among other things, the mayor continues to show off those paternalistic tones that a serious politician, in our opinion, should not use. Oh yeah, we forgot. This mayor boasts that he has little to do with politics. And, unfortunately, I must say that, even in the light of what happened yesterday, all of this is all too evident “.

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