Ragusa Prefecture. New membership against violence against women and domestic violence

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This afternoon, at the Government Palace, Prefect Ranieri signed a new adhesion to the Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of shared strategies aimed at preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, signed on March 18 2021 by a wide audience of public and private entities, all engaged in the front line in actions to combat the hateful and widespread phenomenon.

With the new adhesion, the Agreement – which already involves the Judicial Authority, the Police Forces, the District Leading Municipalities, the Provincial School Office, the Provincial Health Authority, the Labor Office, the Labor Inspectorate, the External Criminal Execution Office and the Social Services Office of the Department of Juvenile Justice, INPS, INAIL, trade unions, anti-violence centers, listening centers and shelters, professional associations of lawyers, doctors, pharmacists and the women’s council of the chief town – is enriched by the presence of the association CO.TU.LE.VI.
(Against All Violence) based in Trapani, engaged for years in the sector with anti-violence counters present in almost the entire Region, which, in fully sharing the aims and plans of the Protocol, intends to provide further support to the activities in place in this provincial context.

With today’s signature – which took place with the participation of the Public Prosecutor, the Quaestor, the Provincial Commanders of the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza and the Director General of the Provincial Health Authority – it is intended to provide a renewed impetus to the activities of prevention and contrast of the phenomenon, in relation to which further meetings will be held shortly aimed, among other things, at ensuring the concrete presence on the territory of dedicated branches, providing coordinated responses to the problem of intra and extra-family gender violence.

All the interlocutors intervened noted that, faced with such a deep-rooted and often silent phenomenon and in relation to the complexity of the victims’ needs, it is only through a network of services between the various public and private social subjects that we are able to provide answers.
articulated and coordinated with each other, so as to guarantee relief and psychological and psychotherapeutic support to women victims of violence, to prepare protection plans, as well as to spread the culture of equality between genders in order also to preserve safety, dignity and ‘self-esteem.


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