Ragusa pizzeria’s outdoor area destroyed by vandals, owner laments ‘a loss for the city’

The owner of a pizzeria in the historic center of Ragusa, Italy, discovered that the outdoor seating area of his restaurant had been destroyed. He had spent years decorating it with flowers, plants, and unique objects to create a charming space for his customers. The owner expressed his frustration on social media, suggesting that someone may have accidentally crashed their car into the area, causing the extensive damage. It took him three years to grow the plants and make the seating area beautiful, with the intention of creating a pleasant experience for his customers and leaving a lasting memory for tourists. After reporting the incident, surveillance footage revealed a man deliberately targeting the outdoor area. Initially, he intended to steal a bicycle placed there. The owner believes that this act of vandalism is not only directed towards him and his business but also towards the city itself.

A Ragusa il dehor di una pizzeria distrutto dai vandali, il titolare: «Un danno per la città»

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