Ragusa Photo Festival 2022, from 21 July to 28 August Ragusa

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Ragusa – From 21 July to 28 August the Ragusa Photo Festival returns to Ibla, an international event dedicated to the languages ​​of contemporary photography, which thus reaches its 10th edition.
Over twenty exhibitions are on display between the ancient Palazzi La Rocca and Palazzo Cosentini, the “Mimì Arezzo” Cultural Shopping Center (Ex Opera Pia), the San Vincenzo Ferreri Auditorium and the Hyblean Garden.
Among the guests at the opening days: Mario Cresci, Gianluigi Colin, Alfredo Corrao, Mario Morcellini, Benedetta Donato, Carlo Bevilacqua, Tim Carpenter, Jenia Fridlyand, Yvonne De Rosa, Claudio Composti, Giuseppe Leone, Pietro Motisi, Donata Pizzi, Susanna Scafuri, In the excavation, Paolo Verzone, Velasco Vitali, Alba Zari.
Many initiatives: seminars, talks, entertainment, workshops, readings, aperitifs with the artists and the assignment of the Best Portfolio Award of the year.

Produced and organized by the Antirust Association, the event is sponsored – among others – by the Region, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Caritas Italiana and Bapr.
This year we are wondering about the concept of harmony that today comes back to the fore due to the urgent need for an approach focused on collaboration and complementarity.
And it does not necessarily mean the absence of contrasts or conflicts but to keep an open mind to the common good.
The ancient Greeks used to represent harmony with the Mediterranean, one of the richest areas in the world in terms of historical and artistic stratifications, neither mobile land nor boundless sea like the ocean, a bridge between the shores of civilization, a symbol of the perennial proximity of the human beings different from each other and at the same time the same.

Since 2012, the Festival has been an opportunity for in-depth study dedicated to the different languages ​​of the visual arts and current affairs, recalling the oldest of the peculiarities of the Mediterranean, the harmony of the dialogue between different cultures in the “sea between the lands”.
The coexistence between the search for well-being and the fear of uncertainty, the uncontrolled impetus of technology, coexistence between peoples, the reduction of inequalities through the emancipation of roles and the inclusion of social partners, the environmental crisis and the growing unhealthiness of the planet are just some of the overwhelming emergencies that photography – with its immediacy and accessibility – can help us look straight in the face.

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