Ragusa, Italian pro fcr title of Muay Thai k1: Marco Schembri challenges Gordi in Pisa


The young Ragusa athlete Marco Schembri will challenge the champion instructs Gordi 5 rounds for the Muay Thai K1 discipline at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Pisa on November 23, 2019. The Muay Thai K1, also known as Thai boxing, Thai boxing or Thai boxing, is a martial art and full contact combat sport that has its origins in the Mae Mai Muay Thai, an ancient Thai fighting technique. It uses a wide range of standing percussion and clinch techniques. The Athlete Marco with his discipline and character stubborn has reached the national top of this discipline, the complexity of the techniques and the speed of the movements fascinates also the spectators no less interested in the martial arts world.
The Accademia delle Prefi with its president Salvatore Battaglia wanted to pay homage to the results achieved with the hope of seeing him on the podium higher than that …

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