Ragusa Foto Festival X edition from 21 July to 28 August

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From 21 July to 28 August 2022, Ragusa Foto Festival, an international event dedicated to the languages ​​of contemporary photography and the enhancement of young talents from all over the world, returns to Hyblean Sicily, the most Mediterranean, a border area that separates the West from the East.
years, from the southernmost area of ​​Europe, Ragusa Photo Festival constitutes an opportunity for in-depth studies by invoking the most ancient of the peculiarities of the Mediterranean, the harmony of dialogue between different cultures in the “sea between leterre”.
From Sicily, a crossroads of various artistic expressions, such as the baroque symbol of unity between different languages, for the 2022 edition, under the guidance of the founder and director Stefania Paxhia, Sicilian journalist and social researcher, together with the art director Steve Bisson, curator, teacher and editor , with the diverse scientific committee and a network of national and international cultural partners, Ragusa Foto Festival continues the path it began in terms of desire and hope (2020-2021), and questions the concept of harmony which today is back in the limelight due to the urgent need for an collaboration and complementarity.
Which does not necessarily mean the absence of contrasts or conflicts but keeping an open mind to the common good.
The ancient Greeks used to represent harmony with the Mediterranean Sea, one of the richest areas in the world in terms of historical and artistic distraction, neither mobile land nor boundless sea like the ocean, a bridge between the shores of civilization, a symbol of the perennial proximity of human beings between they are different and at the same time the same.
During the opening days, from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 July, in addition to the opening of the exhibitions in the presence of some of the photographers selected for this edition, it puts in place many initiatives which, through photography and its immediacy, can help reflect on the possibilities of conciliation with the multiple challenges of the contemporary, encouraging opportunities for dialogue, knowledge, study and sharing.
Among the guests present at the opening days Paolo Verzone photographer, Tim Carpenter photographer, writer, publisher, Carlo Bevilacqua photographer and videomaker, Giuseppe Leone photographer, Gianluigi Colin artist and head covereditor ‘LaLettura’, Alfredo Corrao photographer and teacher, artist, Antonio Biasucci photographer and teacher, Rick van der Klooster photographer, Alba Zari photographer, Donata Pizzi photographer and collector, Pietro Motisi photographer, prof.
Mario Morcellini director Unitelma Sapienza, In the Excavation sent Avvenire, Velasco Vitali painter and sculptor.
29 projects are exhibited in the ancient Palazzi La Rocca and Palazzo Cosentini, the Auditorium (deconsecrated church) San Vincenzo Ferreri and the Hyblean Garden.
On display will be: Artic Zerodi Paolo Verzone, The ancien regime by Tim Carpenter, In the middle by Alfredo Corrao, A chijana da spiranza by Carlo Bevilacqua, Double Portrait by Cemre Yeşil Gönenli, Romanzo Meticcio by Davide Degano winner of the New Photography Award organized by Mia Fair, Rickvan der Klooster’s The Day the Birds Stopped Singing; the collective exhibition ‘Harmony, a mutual understanding’ curated by Urbanautica, an international platform of visual culture, with 19 projects by 16 authors from different countries of the world including Ciro Battiloro, Marion Belanger, Iole Carollo, Panos Charalampidis & Mary Chairetaki, Matteo Di Giovanni, Anna Laura Festa, Daniel Fleitas García, Gary Green, Tatiana Grigorenko, Hanne Lamon, Tommaso Rada, Georges Salameh, MariaSiorba, Tim Smith, Rob Stephenson, Luke Swenson & Jack Dash, Alys Tomlinson.
Hell end in hell by Nanni Licitra is the winning project of the 2021 Best Portfolio Award and This was tomorrow by Andrea Iran and Barbara Cucinotta and Tremes by Greta Valente are the 2021 mentions.
Portfolio readings.
Claudio Composti curator and gallery owner, Yvonne De Rosa photographer and founder of Magazzini Photo in Naples, Benedetta Donato curator and director of the Romano Cagnoni Award, Jenia Fridlyand photographer and teacher and Susanna Scafuri photoeditor of Bell’Italia and Bell’Europa are the readers available to professional and non-professional photographers, to view their photographic projects and who will evaluate the works to be selected for the Best Award.
Portfolio 2022.
The following workshops are scheduled: “From editing to photo book” directed by JeniaFridlyand and Tim Carpenter and “Il vasodi Pandora”, directed by Alba Zari.
The story of the Deans of Italian Caritas continues on the daily life of immigrant workers with their stories , their hopes, their fears and their desire for redemption are not simple icily a universe that can be synthesized in common places.
Caritas Italiana has welcomed the Ragusa Foto Festival initiative and supports it together with the CON IL SUD Foundation, to promote reflection in an educational key, telling about normality and the fatigue of these people who, despite living on the margins of our communities, are an active part of the development and growth of our territories.
Last year the Sicilian Presidia, this year the two professional photographers Carlo Bevilacqua and Pietro Motisi talk about the Calabrian Presidia of Crotone and Oppido Mamertina-Palmi.The works will be exhibited until August 28, 2022 inside the deconsecrated church of San Vincenzo Ferreri and will be presented during the opening days of the Festival in the presence of the protagonists, Nello Scavo, Caterina Boca – head of the immigration section of Caritas and supporters of the initiative and other intellectuals from other disciplines.
During the opening days, Sunday 24 July, the names of the 12 finalists of the second edition of the contest “Young Photographers from Italian Academies”, YPIA Call, and of the first four classified among the 12 that will go on display next October in Ibla, at Palazzo The fortress.
The initiative, carried out in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, and sponsored by SISF, the Italian School for the Study of Photography, is intended for all the Academies of Fine Arts and Italian tertiary-level institutions to promote and enhance the work of their students of photography courses.
Among the events at the panel, sponsored by the Odg of Sicily entitled “Armonie e disarmonie, the art of life” organized with the collaboration of the University Consortium of the province of Ragusa and the Val di Notoche Foundation will take place on Saturday 23 July at 18.30 at the Giardino Ibleo di Ragusa Ibla dedicated to the theme of the festival, harmony, for a plural exploration of the complexity that underlies the search for a harmonious approach towards the plot of changes to be faced for a new normal.
Will be present: prof.
Mario Morcellini Director of the High School of Communication and Digital Media Unitelma Sapienza, Paolo Verzone photographer, Nello Scavo journalist special correspondent of Avvenire, Don Marco Pagniello director of Caritas Italiana and Velasco Vitali artist and sculptor.


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