Ragusa, early closure of the Hyblean Garden: the protest of Chiavola (PD)

“Here we go again. The announcements are not followed by concrete facts. And this begins to become a problem if we consider that, in this period, Ibla has once again become, after the restrictions of recent months, a favorite destination for visitors and tourists. Yet, it was the municipal administration itself that explained, through a note by the councilor for the branch, Giovanni Iacono, that the Hyblaean Garden, from last Saturday, would remain open on weekends until 1 am and from Monday to Thursday until at midnight. Last night, however, on Monday, the staff in charge of the custody at 11, it is not known for what reason, decided to bolt the doors of the Hyblean Garden, therefore an hour earlier than what had been announced. But what game are we playing at? ”. This is the question posed by the leader of the Democratic Party to the Ragusa City Council, Mario Chiavola, after having received numerous reports on the subject. “It seems that the management of the Hyblaean Garden – continues the democratic exponent – has become another of the weaknesses of this municipal administration when, on the other hand, everything should be done to try to enhance it. I remember that the communication from the administration dates back to just 29 June. And after a few days it was not implemented. We invite the municipal council to pay greater attention in this regard, especially in a period of this kind in which the theme of welcome and hospitality should be exalted to the maximum and not penalized as happens in these cases “.

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