Ragusa, dangerous intersection in San Giacomo: interventions only promised

“We are sorry to repeat ourselves but we do it because the dangerous situation of the main intersection of San Giacomo, the one between via degli Artigiani and via del Mulino, continues to recur. Should we wait for the serious accident to escape us? ”. This is the question that the leader of the Democratic Party to the City Council, Mario Chiavola, poses and poses to the municipal administration. “Who, to be honest – he explains – at the time of the settlement, in the summer of 2018, had carried out an inspection precisely to check the reports of the residents. On that occasion, the mayor and the commissioner had made the commitment that specific measures would be adopted also on the long wave of the collective emotion that, in that period, had spread following the road accident in which a young mother he had lost his life in Cava d’Aliga. An episode that occurred in the context of a road condition very similar to the one we are talking about. That is why it was asked to activate light indicators to highlight the danger of the intersection or, alternatively, of the noisy bands. We are not talking about raised pedestrian crossings because, apparently, mysteriously, these speed dissuasion systems are prohibited only in Ragusa while they regularly install them in other Iblean centers, such as Modica or Scicli. But not only. It would be advisable to delimit a pedestrian lane, even better than sidewalks, for citizens, especially the elderly, who go to the post office or the parish. To reach these places they also need to take the car to travel 50-80 meters of road ”. “We are sincerely perplexed – concludes Chiavola – for how the municipal administration continues to treat San Giacomo, with great indifference and inattention. We are not talking, in fact, of a whole series of other difficulties that continue to be registered ”.

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