Ragusa court suspends detention of Sea Watch 5 migrants

The Ragusa Court has suspended the administrative detention of the Sea-Watch 5 ship, not recognizing the alleged misconduct by Italian authorities. The judge analyzed the evidence presented by Sea-Watch and focused on the accusation that the ship ignored instructions from the Libyan coast guard vessel Fezzan. However, the State Attorney did not present the supposed evidence from Frontex, leaving the accusations without any basis. The judge concluded that the Sea-Watch 5 cannot be accused of ignoring instructions and that its presence did not create any danger.

Sea Watch accuses the Italian court of demonstrating the lack of merit in the accusations against NGO ships, aimed at blocking them in port. This decision adds to similar rulings in Brindisi for the Ocean Viking and Crotone for the Humanity 1. The Piantedosi law, which criminalizes the work of NGO ships with instrumental accusations in violation of international law, is slowly being dismantled by the judiciary. While Italian judges are forced to repair the damage caused by this law, ships remain blocked in port and people continue to die at sea.

Migranti, il tribunale di Ragusa sospende il fermo della Sea Watch 5

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