Ragusa: an alternative site as a vaccination hub? In the coming days the decision

“The vaccination campaign – declares the mayor Peppe Cassì – represents the only way out of the nightmare in which we have fallen for over a year. It is a delicate system, which daily depends on the availability of doses (sometimes unexpectedly lower than the number of booked) and is subjected to the influence of news that arouse alarm.

In order for the campaign to be carried out with maximum efficiency, it is important that citizens feel comforted and assisted. In this sense, we are aware of the difficulties that occurred in some days at the vaccination hub of the former Civil Hospital, despite the good will and commitment of the Asp operators and the logistical and personnel support offered by the Municipality.

For this reason we have taken into consideration – explains the mayor – alternative sites to be submitted to the Asp evaluation. After a few joint inspections, the most suitable premises seem to be those that housed the medical faculty at the Asi business center, with large and easily accessible spaces, which for a few days have efficiently housed the drive point service for rapid tests. The decision will be made within a few days ”.

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