Ragusa, a drug addict at the age of 16: taken with marijuana and hashish


Still drugs between and for the very young, this is the cross-section of Ragusa that the soldiers of the Compagnia di Ragusa's weapon are investigating.
Thus, during one of the many services carried out on the territory of the jurisdiction, the military noticed and controlled a young man driving a mini car. What made the investigators suspicious was the fact that the young man was stopped with the car parked, near via Archimede and that from time to time young people approached driving a scooter or other mini-cars that, after talking for a few seconds with him, they walked away.
The soldiers of the weapon then proceeded to the control of the boy and had ratification of what they suspected. The 16 year old, already known to the police, had hidden on himself and in the storage compartments of the vehicle as many as 20 bags of marijuana and 6 of hashish for about 50 grams of total …

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