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Race to mayor, Varchi goes to Musumeci “agreed proposals for Palermo”

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The race for mayor of Palermo is enriched (so to speak) on the day in which the date of the vote of another just mentioned controversy becomes official, the result of declarations and conspiracies related to the end-of-mandate conference by Roberto Lagalla’s councilor

The phrase to “correct”

Greeting the commissioner Roberto Lagalla who leaves the council to run for mayor of Palermo yesterday, President Musumeci had words of praise almost reaching the point of wishing himself a victory in the race for mayor

An ‘almost’ must

An almost ‘obligatory’ since Musumeci’s words have been interpreted by allies and detractors in this sense even if they were not exactly these.

“Lagalla has made a choice not only of courage but also of love, as you know I do not deal with administrative matters but I am convinced that I must say good luck to Lagalla for this further challenge” were the words of the president of the Region.

The Varchi ‘runs’ from Musumeci

To correct the impression, here is Carolina Varchi and Musumeci around a table “I met the president of the Nello Musumeci Region this morning at Palazzo d’Orleans with whom we had a useful discussion to talk not about quarrels, but about works and development of our territory ”says the candidate for mayor of Fratelli d’Italia and Diventerà Bellissima in the next administrative elections.

‘Concrete’ meeting

“The president discussed interventions approved by the regional government on the city of Palermo, from the Directional Center to Ismett 2, from the Congress Center to the Utveggio Castle, from the recovery of the former Partanna Mondello cotton mill to the restoration of sacred buildings, from the redevelopment of the former Albergo delle poovere to the new museum spaces, from the Roosvelt dell’Addaura environmental research center to the works in the hospitals ”says Varchi.

Useful regional initiatives

“I found the many initiatives promoted by the Region also in the provincial territory very useful, from the fight against hydrogeological instability to secondary roads, which is the responsibility of the former Province but is funded as a replacement by the regional government.
We agreed with my friend the president that in the program that we will propose to Palermo for my candidacy for mayor, we will also start from what has been done up to now by the Sicilian Region to further implement the development of the city ”, he concludes.

A message between the lines

Between the lines a clear message.
Varchi does not give up.
She is the candidate for mayor of the Brothers of Italy and, given the agreement, also of the President’s party.
Whether or not Roberto Lagalla is on the pitch