Race to mayor of Palermo, Barbera “Enough with the game of three cards”

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Rita Barbera says “no” to the line of traditional parties.
The candidate for mayor of Palermo refuses the hand extended by the center-left exponent Franco Miceli on a possible reconciliation of the civic front in view of the next administrative meetings which will be on 12 June.

“And while the symbol of the parties is omitted or disappears in the electoral posters, as in the case of the candidate Faraone or the candidate Varchi, admitted and not granted that they can still be considered candidates and we do not believe it, the ‘game of three cards has already begun ‘of local politics which, after having flown to Rome to obtain adequate sanctification, is today more than ever committed to shuffling the meager bunch to obtain lists and candidates in the usual attempt to transform the current electoral campaign for administrative elections into pantomime aimed at armchairs and assignments “.

“I don’t speak with parties, but with people”

The former director of Ucciardone and Pagliarelli is a candidate for mayor of Palermo with her “Palermo Project”.
she underlines: “I do not speak with the parties, but with the people I turned to, those who did not believe in it and now believe that a change is possible.
In Rome there are people who have no idea where and what the Danisinni and all our neighborhoods are – concludes Rita Barbera – and it is precisely there that they decide who should administer Palermo ”.

Lagalla resigns as councilor for the race for mayor of the capital

Rita Barbera’s statement comes on the day when Roberto Lagalla formalizes the race for mayor of the Sicilian capital with his resignation as regional councilor for education and training.

“I hope that the parties decide soon, I will engage in the electoral campaign and continue my parliamentary activity”.
These are the words of the mayoral candidate in Palermo currently supported by the UDC, at a press conference at Palazzo Orleans.
Precisely because of his electoral commitment, Lagalla resigned as councilor of the Musumeci government, handing the delegation back into the hands of the President of the Region “.

Election day on June 12th

The Council of Ministers has formalized the dates of the municipal elections to be held on the same day as the referendum.
The first administrative round will be held on 12 June in cities with over 15,000 inhabitants, while the day of the ballot is set two weeks later, on 26 June.

As for the municipalities, there will be 24 provincial capitals in which the vote will be taken, including 4 regional capitals: Genoa, L’Aquila, Palermo, Messina and Catanzaro.
For Sicily, however, it is expected that the Sicilian Region will issue the decree calling for electoral rallies, confirming the date given that, according to the special statute, it is up to the region to choose the day of the administrative elections.
In the past, the date of the administrative elections has often deviated from that chosen in the rest of Italy.
This time, however, it is likely that Sicily will also choose to vote at the same time.

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