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Race to mayor, Center-right towards recomposition, agreement by Friday or each for himself

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The race for mayor of Palermo for the center-right starts next Friday 8 April.
The ultimatum given by Salvini to his followers has now also been accepted by the other members of the coalition.
either it closes by that date or it will go out of order.

League “too many soloists”

“Too many soloists in the center-right for the administrative offices in Palermo, with the risk that these are also loners.
The attitude of those who try to escape, hoping to drag the others along, is no longer tolerable ”says Vincenzo Figuccia of the Lega.

“We at Prima Italia had made a proposal to build a broad alliance and a coalition on a single candidate for the office of mayor of Palermo, but divisions still prevail that do not bode well.
Our sense of responsibility has been misrepresented and we are no longer playing this game.
Love for the city comes before personal interest ”concludes Figuccia who speaks as a deputy of Prima Italia at the Sicilian Regional Assembly, having left the coordinating position to stand as a candidate.

Scoma candidate for mayor

“After a legitimate reflection and no one taking steps backwards, we decided to take the field too” said Francesco Scoma, a member of the League last night, thus announcing his official candidacy for the race for mayor of Palermo.

Cascio available until Thursday

In the face of this situation, the Forza Italia candidate Francesco Cascio remains in the freezer waiting.
To the friends he meets he tells that his is not infinite patience but has a precise deadline: either the team can be found by Thursday or he will withdraw his availability.
In short, if the coalition parties do not converge, he has no intention of racing against the allies.

The cross convergence hypothesis

The hypothesis of these hours is a convergence precisely on Scoma in Palermo and on Croce in Messina which would also lead to finding the square on the re-nomination of Musumeci to the Region which would once again bring Miccichè to the Presidency of the Ars.

The out of tune notes

the discordant notes of this hypothesis that would put everything back in place by canceling months of clashes and quarrels, however, are there.
it is Roberto Lagalla who by now could not go back with respect to his candidacy and Totò Lentini who would not have any desire