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Race to mayor, another coalition summit in the Center-right jumps, Cuffaro invited by Salvini

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Race to mayor and regional increasingly tangled in the Sicilian center that continues to move in no particular order despite the unity is a clear need to all.

Skip the coalition summit

Everything remains hanging on the green light for the confirmation of Nello Musumeci to the Region.
A negotiation that blocks the others and from many sides a summit of leaders is called to clarify once and for all the various issues on the table, including the choice of candidates in Palermo and Messina, but also in Turin and Genoa.
In this climate, the coalition summit announced between Wednesday and Thursday has already broken before it has even been officially convened.

Bilateral meetings

Waiting for a meeting between Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani, the parties will try to take stock of the situation each, trying to close ranks where there are discontent never subsided, which currently prevent a national synthesis from being reached.

Salvini Ronzulli Summit

Meanwhile, Matteo Salvini should gather his team on the island’s administrative offices by Wednesday.
By Wednesday because a meeting in Rome is scheduled for Wednesday between Salvini and the Italian senator Licia Ronzulli on Sicily.
Ronzulli is national manager of relations with allies and very loyal to Arcore, but her Palermo mission a few days ago to restore peace to Forza Italia was not successful.
Now you will have to try again to reconstruct the rift between the wing headed by Gianfranco Miccichè and the so-called dissidents.

Five candidates remain on the pitch in Palermo

In the Sicilian capital, everyone has placed their candidate more or less than the flag and do not come off.
In order, the League continues to focus on Francesco Scoma, Fratelli d’Italia is firm on Carolina Varchi, the autonomists do not give up on Totò Lentini, while Forza Italia has the name of Francesco Cascio, but must first recompose the internal frictions and above all he must do so by Thursday, the day of expiry of Cascio’s availability.
Today Meloni gathered the national executive via Zoom, but, they assure him, he would not have talked about the Sicily case.

Salvini in Palermo on Friday, Cuffaro also at the meeting

Meanwhile, the League will try to close all cases by the end of this week.
The Commissioner of the New DC Totò Cuffaro was also invited to the meeting, among the leaders of the Sicilian center-right, with the leader of the League Matteo Salvini in Palermo on Friday.
The leader of the carroccio will be in town for the ‘Open Arms’ hearing and will take the opportunity to also meet various personalities of the center right to try to find a solution for a candidate for mayor of Palermo that will please everyone.

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