Quicklime for building in cod Jonica Pesca of Acireale seized


They also placed quicklime, of that used in construction works, instead of food lime and cleaned the fish with water contaminated with sewage.

The Coast Guard and the Carabinieri del Noe seized the production plant owned by the soc. "Jonica Pesca snc" with headquarters in Acireale, in the Cianciana district, one of the largest companies in the fishing sector operating in Sicily. The 68-year-old residence ban measure was applied to the administrator and legal representative, Giuseppe Valastro.

The investigations had started at the end of 2018 following a maritime police check carried out by the Catania Coast Guard and aimed at verifying compliance with the national and Community legislation on the fish supply chain in society, which deals with the storage, processing and processing of fish , crustaceans and molluscs. Irregularities were immediately detected and the military were able to identify a well outside the area of ​​the establishment that was illegally used by the owner of the fish depot for fish processing and cleaning of the premises.

During the investigation activities it also emerged that the company has adulterated, counterfeited and put on the market large quantities of food products, in particular stockfish and cod, illegally using building lime instead of lime as ingredients for the food product food use, as well as large quantities of water illegally coming from an adjacent artesian well which, following the analysis of the quality of the water coming from the aforementioned well, carried out by the Asp of Catania, showed the presence of a high rate of coliform bacteria.

Environmental crimes and violations of workplace safety regulations have also been detected, such as the absence of suitable discharge authorization documentation and the documentation certifying the monitoring samples of the waters used for the processing of the fish product, since, unlike what was declared to the control bodies, the company was not limited only to the conservation and marketing of fish products, but also to the processing, transformation, smoking and packaging of the same. Finally, the presence of video surveillance cameras facing the workplace was also detected in the plant, without specific authorization from the competent Labor Inspectorate.

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Jonica Pesca of Acireale seized
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