Purchase of new books for the “Cassar” library, published the announcement: here's how to participate

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 09:58

Share Contribution of the Ministry of Culture to renew the supply of books in the municipal libraries, starting the procedure also for the “Aurelio Cassar”. This was announced by the mayor Francesca Valenti and the councilor for Culture Gisella Mondino. The Municipality of Sciacca, in fact, was the beneficiary of a loan of 9,200 euros as part of the decree for the allotment of the “emergency fund for businesses and cultural institutions” concerning the support of books and the entire book chain. The manager of the 1st sector Michele Todaro has issued a notice which aims to identify the subjects interested in the supply of books to the “Cassar” library: bookstores and also local publishers who are also distributors of their own editions. Bookshops and publishers must possess all the requirements indicated in the notice available on the institutional website of the Municipality of Sciacca at www.comunedisciacca.it. Interested parties must submit their expression of interest using the form prepared by the office to be sent by certified email to: Protocol@comunedisciacca.telecompost.it by 12 noon on 6 October 2021.

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