Punta Bianca, ok to the procedure for the creation of the nature reserve

The municipal council of Agrigento, chaired by the mayor Francesco Miccichè, approved the approval of the proposal to join the procedure for the Establishment of Site of Community Interest (SIC) and Oriented Nature Reserve (RNO) called “Punta Bianca and Scoglio Patella” in the Agrigento area. The area, which includes the coastal territory from the mouth of the Vallone di Sumera to the Castle of Montechiaro, falling within the municipalities of Agrigento and Palma di Montechiaro, was declared in 2001 of “considerable public interest”.

The attached report reads: “It is represented that there is an area of ​​considerable archaeological, historical and landscape value to the east of the town in an area that falls partly within the territory of Agrigento and partly in that of Palma di Montechiaro along the coastal strip. It has an extension in length of about 7km, they widen in depth in its maximum penetration of about 3km. The morphology of the places appears overall characterized by the presence of the reliefs of Monte Grande surrounded by modest hill formations and the open Gelardo plateau, interspersed with the incisions of the waterways and some isolated ridge with stone spikes more resistant to erosion “.

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