Public works floor, the occupation of Sala delle Tombidi continues: “Only obstruction from the center-right”

The occupation of the Sala delle Lapidi by the Orlandiani and Grillini councilors continues, in a climate that has become even more heated after the new empty passage on the three-year plan of public works.

The council groups of Avanti Insieme, Movimento 5 Stelle, Pd and Sinistra Comune – which have called a public assembly tomorrow at 11 in Piazza Pretoria – thus reconstruct today’s classroom session, which was skipped due to lack of a quorum: “La ‘ proposal made by the new majority – they write in a note – has clashed with the evidence that the point has been on the agenda since May. , after having asked ourselves and obtained from the mayor the availability to be present, we thought there were all the conditions not to waste further time and continue the work indefinitely. They advanced. Incredibly, however, the center-right has instead left the Chamber, once again skipping the quorum “. “The willingness to proceed with obstruction actions without wanting to take responsibility for the delay in voting on an act that the Council has been discussing in practice since March is evident. , the social partners and many citizens outside the Palace consider it very urgent, while evidently the right of the Council prefers to speculate politically and leave the Chamber when the discussion becomes concrete “. After taking turns, tonight the councilor Marcello Susinno of the Sinistra Comune will preside over the Sala delle Tombidi. Outside Palazzo delle Aquile, yet another misstep on the three-year plan of the works “arouses concern and bewilderment”. This was stated by the president of Ance Palermo Massimiliano Miconi, who spoke of “damage for the whole city, for its businesses and its workers, and also for all citizens”. Although, he specifies, “it is also true that the administration in charge is not even able to start the works already contracted or to pay the companies that carry out the works or to complete the works, but this obstructive behavior seems frankly irresponsible. L ‘approval of the three-year plan is not a gift given to the administration and its rejection is not a punishment for its inability. exclusive interest of our city. Even the general secretary of the CISL Palermo, Leonardo La Piana, invites the councilors to take responsibility: “The majority who are now in opposition to review their positions and allow the city council to proceed in a very short time with the launch of the three-year plan of public works, if this is also the case with the necessary changes; the mayor and his council to take note of the fact that the political situation experienced today is completely different from that of the beginning of the mandate and that therefore it is necessary to put in place a strong capacity for listening and dialogue for the good of the city “. Mariella Maggio, secretary of the Palermo federation of Article One, instead lashes out against the center-right city councilors and their neo-Renzian allies: “They must be denounced to public opinion for what they are: irresponsible and cowardly”. The leader of Italia Viva in Sala delle Lapidi, Dario Chinnici, overturns the narrative: “Last April the Chamber said ‘no’ to the three-year plan of public works, which contains nothing and that no councilor was able to illustrate why the Orlando council is the poorest in Italy “. “Nothing has been achieved about the 2017 electoral program – underlines Chinnici, who with his group was part of the majority – yet it continues to be said that the main problem is the failure to approve the three-year plan. Even to change a burnt out light bulb. the approval of the Plan is invoked, while the accounts of the Municipality are in deep red and we know nothing of the rebalancing plan that the council should bring to the court. The thing Palermo needs most is the truth. The city is in a situation never seen before “.