Public land, Fipe Confcommercio Palermo: “Derogare the concession”:

Fipe Confcommercio Palermo asked the Municipality “a derogation from the regulation for the concession of public land for outdoor dining activities which, on the one hand, can better guarantee strict compliance with the social distancing in the reopened premises and, on the other hand, allows exhibitors, right now, an appropriate and necessary reprogramming of its activities with greater accommodation capacity thanks to the use of outdoor areas when the city returns to the yellow zone “.

The request, signed by the Fipe president, Antonio Cottone, follows a first meeting last Friday with the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the municipal councilor for Mobility Giusto Catania. In particular, to streamline bureaucratic procedures, the “Sworn appraisal” be replaced by a self-certification that allows you to quickly overcome some expensive and often cumbersome steps.

“The application of the health protocols that our premises have always respected – explains Cottone – hto more than halved the covers while the fixed costs remained unchanged. The synergy with the Municipality of Palermo becomes essential to ensure the best possible recovery of our activities after a year of serious economic losses and maximum safety for our customers who will be guaranteed the distancing and all the health measures provided for by the guidelines “.

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