Public healthcare in Sicily on the verge of collapse, protests in Palermo: “Health cannot be sold”

Doctors leaving public healthcare for private practice and endless waiting lists are causing great concern among mayors and unions in Sicily. They gathered in Palermo today to defend the collapsing public healthcare system. Hundreds of people marched from Bologni Square to Independence Square behind the banner “Health cannot be sold, healthcare must be defended,” demanding an end to endless waiting lists. They criticized the constant rotation of managers, which has been temporarily halted until January 2024. The division of funds between public and private healthcare was also highlighted, with calls for the private sector to be auxiliary and not replace or integrate with the public sector. Testimonies from those affected by long waiting lists highlighted the financial burden of private clinics. The protest aimed to draw attention to the dire state of public healthcare in Sicily and call for urgent reforms.

Sanità pubblica siciliana al collasso, protesta a Palermo: «La salute non si vende»

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