Public employee and businessman arrested in Barcelona for dancing essay at the municipal theater

A 63-year-old employee of the Municipality of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and a 59-year-old businessman have been arrested by the carabinieri for attempted extortion. They allegedly threatened the owner of a dance school to hand over a deposit of approximately 500 euros, claiming it was payment for logistical services for the school’s end-of-year performance at the Mandanici theater. The victim reported the incident. The investigation found that the deposit was not actually required and that the accused individuals had threatened the woman, stating that the performance would not take place unless the requested amount was paid. The businessman also allegedly intimidated the victim by claiming to have connections with local criminals. The carabinieri highlight that the case is part of the prosecutor’s increasing focus on public administration crimes, including those within government institutions.

La tangente per il saggio di danza al teatro comunale: a Barcellona arrestati un dipendente pubblico e un imprenditore

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