Pubbliservizi Catania: Court, composition inadmissible

(ANSA) – CATANIA, NOVEMBER 29 – The fourth civil and bankruptcy section of the Court of Catania has declared “the inadmissibility of the application for approval of the arrangement made by Pubbliservizi Spa”, a company 100% owned by the former Province, now the Metropolitan City of Catania. The judges, president Mariano Sciacca, drafter Sebastiano Cassanisi, have also ordered “the conversion of the extraordinary administration”, to which the company was subjected, “into judicial liquidation”. The Court appointed the lawyers Carmine Catania, Caterina Fascetto and Simone Melato as trustees and ordered “the exercise of the company, currently, until 31 December 2022” and that “upon expiry, the Trusteeship shall deposit the report of the activity “. The provision was announced by the president of the Court of Catania, Francesco Mannino, in consideration of the “particular social interest of the matter”. .