Psychologists ready to support Marisa’s daughter, killed by her ex-partner.

A 4-year-old girl, whose mother was killed by her father before he took his own life, is now staying with her uncle. The girl is unaware of the truth and has been told that her mother is away for work. The uncle, who considers himself a father figure to her, struggles to hold back tears when he is alone. The family is now being supported by a team of social workers and psychologists. It will be difficult to inform the girl about her mother’s death at the hands of her father. The relationship between the parents had been tense, leading to a stalking complaint in 2020, but it was eventually dropped. The community in Salemi has rallied around the family, with the local bishop expressing his condolences and support.

Pronta un’equipe di psicologi per sostenere la figlioletta di Marisa uccisa dal suo ex compagno

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