Protesters form human chain to stop migrants entering Porto Empedocle Sports Arena

A barista in Porto Empedocle has chained himself in front of the entrance to the Palasport, where migrants who are waiting for identification were supposed to be transferred. He is preventing the temporary accommodation of several groups of people, including women and children, who were left out in the cold under gazebos at the end of the port. The Palasport, declared unfit for sports use, was designated by the Agrigento Prefecture to temporarily house the migrants. However, it will be vacated within a week, as three temporary structures will be set up inside the port area to accommodate the waiting buses. The bar owner claims he chained himself to protect his employees, stating that the Palasport has been unusable for 10 years and that they will now have to resort to begging for a living. He expresses concern for his employees, hoping they will find new jobs. He clarifies that they are not against migrants but believes there are other solutions, such as a nearby usable shed.

In catene davanti al Palasport di Porto Empedocle per impedire l’ingresso dei migranti

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