Protest for flight delay, Sperandeo taken off the plane

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 30 – “Palermo-Milan one way”: in this case it is not the title of one of his films but a true story. The protagonist is the actor from Palermo Tony Sperandeo who was due to return to Palermo on 26 December, at 7.15 pm, with flight w65579 of the Wizzair company but after boarding he was forced to return inside the premises of the Malpensa airport, escorted by police, on the orders of the captain, with the accusation of having “threatened” the crew.

According to the actor’s story, all the passengers on the flight had been stranded for two hours, first at the gate and then in the bus that was supposed to take them on board because two crew members would have been missing, according to reports from the staff present and, therefore, for safety reasons, it was not possible to proceed with the embarkation. Sperandeo and the other passengers did not like the reserved treatment “left waiting at the airport and then crammed into the bus” and protested. The plaintiff, after having reached the plane and taken his seat in 20 D, had asked the flight crew for explanations, clearly expressing his disappointment and, for this very reason, forced to leave the aircraft, escorted by the police. “It is unacceptable that a citizen cannot protest for a disservice and this treatment is reserved for him – says Tony Sperandeo – no threat from me but simply asked for an explanation and I expected at least an apology for the long wait”. The plaintiff has already turned to the Palmigiano e Associati law firm, which has been operating in the transport law sector for years, to take action against the company. The incident was also reported to ENAC. .