Prosecutor and Dda have opened a new investigation

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 11:46

Share More than 850 migrants are present, compared to 250 places available, at the Lampedusa hotspot. During the night and in the morning there were no new landings. The Prefecture of Agrigento, in agreement with the Interior Ministry, is working to plan – after yesterday’s ones carried out with the scheduled ferry and the quarantine ship Aurelia that left Lampedusa – new, further transfers. Hotspot at collapse after the disembarkation of 686 migrants: transfers are underway, already 110 departed The Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office has delegated the investigation – to try to identify the smugglers of the 15-meter fishing boat that left Zuwara in Libya with 686 people on board – to the Flying Squad and the Financial Police. To coordinate the investigative activity, as well as for the maxi landing of August 28 with 539 migrants, is personally the chief prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio. This new investigation is also being carried out in full collaboration with the Palermo District Prosecutor’s Office. THE VIDEO. Old iron fishing boat arrives in Lampedusa: on board there are over 500 migrants For the landing of the 539, on 10 September, 5 Egyptians were arrested, considered the terminal subjects of a criminal organization operating in Libya specializing in the organization of human trafficking. The 5, in addition to governing the boat, according to the Prosecutor of Agrigento, had the task of maintaining order and discipline on board also by resorting to degrading physical violence.

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