Prosecutor and court, reinforcements arrive: here are three new magistrates

Reinforcements arrive at the court of Agrigento. Three magistrates, all women, are established in the Prosecutor’s Office and in two distinct sections of the judicial sector.

At the investigating office, headed by Luigi Patronaggio and his deputy Salvatore Vella, the Roman magistrate Giulia Sbocchia, 33, takes up his duties, confirming the almost entirely female presence of the staff of the substitutes where, with the exception of Gianluca Caputo, only women are present . Two more “pink robes” will strengthen the judging sector. They are Valentina Di Salvo, 31, born in Varese and Nicoletta Sciarratta, 31, from Agrigento. The latter will be included in the second penal section chaired by Wilma Angela Mazzara with whom she will compose the colleges and will also work as a judge in a single role. Di Salvo was assigned to the work section which falls within the civil sector. The three new magistrates are in their first position after having won the competition launched by the CSM in 2017 and completed the internship period. The prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio and the president of the court Pietro Maria Falcone also formally took part in the ceremony of possession, which was celebrated before the judges of the first criminal section, chaired by Alfonso Malato, who greeted the new colleagues on the sidelines of the formalities, particularly rapid for needs related to the Covid 19 emergency. As always, to frame it, there were friends, family and acquaintances who participated and immortalized the event with photos and video memories.

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